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I’ve been working hard on getting the new full 3 race build order optimizer over to OS X. It will be there soon, but meanwhile I just need to say how big of a pain it is to get programs ported over to or running on a new platform. Pfft.

I’ll have a link to it available here soon once I’ve fixed a few more issues and had a bit more discussion with the lead developer.

10 Extractor Trick
11 Overlord
11 Spawning Pool
16 Queen
18 Hatchery
18 Overlord

Best Zerg build that exists, period. Modify as necessary to deal with scouted info. You can do 2 sets of lings instead of drones 14/15 or double extractor for 2 sets of lings at 18. No trouble with 2 rax, no trouble with blocked hatches. If you get away with not making those lings, you’re on an excellent economic roll.

If you want to always make those early lings, then this build is better, though inferior to the 11/18 build if you don’t make lings.

10 Overlord
10 Extractor Trick
13 Spawning Pool
15 Hatchery
14 Zergling
15 Zergling
16 Queen
18 Overlord

Those 4 zerglings cost you almost 30 seconds before you hit saturation AND you are late on your second queen. Regardless of this, it’s still the most economic AND safe build you can do.

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  1. Jones sabo as opposed to just with regard to sweden Says:

    Its great as your other blog posts : D, thanks for putting up. “The squeaking wheel doesn’t always get the grease. Sometimes it gets replaced.” by Vic Gold.

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